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The history of Meenan.

Serving customers for over 75 years

Founded in 1934 in New York City by William F. Kenny, Jr. and led by Governor Alfred E. Smith as the company's first Chairman of the Board, Meenan was established as a local company to help make their friends and neighbors more comfortable with superior home heating oil services. Since then, Meenan has built on their original goal to enjoy a proud history of providing not just home heating oil but a range of premier home comfort services to customers far beyond New York City, throughout communities in NY, NJ and PA.

Through changing and challenging economic times, and various oil crises over the years, Meenan has never run out of oil, which means our customers won't either. It's due in large part to our reputation of outstanding experience, trust, service and partnerships, that Meenan was the primary provider of home heating oil and comfort services in the well-known post-war suburb towns of Levittown, NY and Levittown, PA.

Meenan continues to grow, adapt and thrive to meet and exceed the home comfort needs of our customers. We pride ourselves in being leaders in our industry, with professional home services that are all designed with you in mind. It is this, and our local, home town community spirit, that other oil companies have difficulty matching. That's what makes us the first choice for all of your home comfort needs.

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