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Since we live and work where you do, we value the importance of living and sharing information within our community. From finding out how we help to protect the environment to exploring our partnerships and broader industry insights, you can consider this area to be our community bulletin board, where we share lots of resources, insights and information.



  • Articles

    Read articles on topics including energy efficiency, local energy programs, moving, and heating oil.

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Home services infographics

  • Prevent frozen pipes infographic
  • Home services infographics

    Meenan is proud to present our collection of visual and informative infographics for homeowners and home improvement professionals. Please feel free to share!

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Going green

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  • Going Green

    We believe in being green and can help you live a greener lifestyle, too.

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Industry information

  • Industry information

    Find a wealth of industry insights, information and knowledge, from heating oil equipment and facts, to tips and advice on saving energy.

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Video library

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  • Video library

    Check out the latest videos from Meenan.

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  • Partnerships

    From leading oil heating and air conditioning equipment manufacturers to trusted financing partners, we all do our best to make sure that our partnership with you is the most successful of all.

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  • Newsletters

    Looking for the latest news, tips, advice and information to help you save energy, money and the environment? Our newsletter has what you need. Download it here or view individual articles online.

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Oil heat

  • Oil heat

    Learn why over 30 million Americans depend on oil powered heat for their homes and businesses, plus so much more.

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